What is P2I?

Pathways to Inclusion (P2I) is an eLearning platform focused on disability inclusion.

Upon sign-up, our students first take a quiz that rates their inclusion practices and then recommends needed areas of study. Students can then register for their appropriate level of coursework, and proceed through their courses at their own pace.

Students also get access to a monthly webinar series that supplements the courses, and networking opportunities with other youth programs and workers across the country. And if you have questions that aren’t addressed in the courses, you can drop by the forums and ask our community anything!


Brand new to disabilities and inclusion? Learn the basic foundations for success!

  • Introduction to Inclusion: Going beyond the ADA
  • UDL 101: Understanding Universal Design for Learning
  • Creating an Inclusion Statement
  • Introduction to Inclusive Marketing & Outreach


Mastered the basics? Gain more skills to make your program fully inclusive.

  • Deepening Your Understanding of Reasonable Accommodations
  • Budgeting to Support an Inclusive Organization
  • Creating an Inclusive Online Presence 101
  • UDL 201: Advanced Programmatic Considerations


Consider yourself an inclusion pro? Step up your game with our advanced courses!

  • Inclusive Recruiting for Staff and Board Member Positions
  • Being an Ally: How to foster positive partnerships with orgs & individuals with disabilities
  • Understanding Assistive Technology
  • Creating an Inclusive Online Presence 201
  • Supporting GLBTQ youth with disabilities

Who are we?

  • Partners for Youth with Disabilities
  • Liberty Mutual Foundation

Partners for Youth with Disabilities has been providing inclusive youth programs in the Boston area for over 30 years. We train over 1000 professionals in disability inclusion each year, and have worked with such organizations as the Pacific Science Center, the Liberty Mutual Foundation, numerous Boys & Girls Clubs, Boston Ballet, Michigan State University Extension School, Dreamfar Highschool Marathon, Jewish Big Brothers Big Sisters of L.A., and many more.

What benefits do I get?

Bronze Badge
Silver Badge
Gold Badge

Upon completing our course packages, you’ll receive badges you can use to promote your program’s inclusivity. Put them on your website, in your brochures, or at your program! Your commitment to inclusion deserves to be recognized, and youth with disabilities should know they’ll be welcomed.

Bronze Badge
Silver Badge
Gold Badge